Jake Peterson

May 23, 2021

2 min read

Post Graduation: Coding Bootcamp

So you’ve just graduated, first off CONGRATULATIONS! Take a moment to appreciate what you’ve accomplished because it is by no means an easy task. When I say moment it could be a day, a few days, or even a week off. Generally you don’t want to take more time off than that as coding is something you have to “use or you’ll lose” and you’ve most likely already developed a good schedule the past few months.

What comes next is equally as intense as learning how to code and that is the infamous job search. Here are a few tips I think will help you during this journey.

Create a schedule:

I’ve already touched on it briefly, but a schedule is crucial. Especially when you not only need to continue coding but also add job searching activities on top of that. Make sure to set aside a few hours a day to accomplish these tasks, as opposed to cramming them all in at the end of the week.

Make new connections:

A huge part of landing a new job is having a connection at the company. So get on LinkedIn and if there is a job you’re interested in then reach out to people in the company. Ask them about the position, any tips they have for someone applying, and maybe even pros and cons of the job if you’re still iffy about applying. Not everyone is going to respond, but you’d be surprised on the amount that do.

Don’t be afraid to apply:

If you’re feeling nervous about applying to a company, just know the worst thing you can do is to not try. Even if you don’t meet all the minimum requirements of the position, let them determine if you’re qualified. Don’t eliminate yourself from the race before its even begun.

I’m still on this journey myself, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t land a job immediately. From what I heard landing the first gig is the hardest part of entering the tech field. In the meantime just hone your skills and enjoy the process.