Jake Peterson

Apr 11, 2021

2 min read


What is React?

React is an open-source, front end, JavaScript library that helps developers build interactive user interfaces. It was created in 2013 by Jordan Walke of Facebook, Inc. Here you can find well written documentation answering any questions you might have while using React, and as my instructors would say, they were built with “Facebook money”.

Key Components

So you know the gist of React, but do you know about the useful features that make React especially popular? These include the use of JSX JavaScript Syntax Extension, Virtual DOM, One-way data binding, Extensions, and Debugging.

JSX is used to simplify the users experience. JSX makes it easier to create templates. It is essentially a combination of HTML and JavaScript.

Things tend to slow down when DOM manipulation takes place in large amounts. By using VDOM the overall performance increases, web apps run faster, and development time is sped up. When you’re coding only the objects that are modified are updated on the DOM, as opposed to the whole DOM being changed.

When data flows in a singular direction, like with React, child components are usually nested within higher-order parent components. The use of one-way data binding allows errors to be located by the developers faster.

The extensions used allow for server-side rendering. Some extensions available for use include Flux, Redux, and React Native.

While using React debugging becomes faster and easier. This is mostly due to the size of the developer community who actively contribute to making it a better experience.

Everyday Application

If you have a smartphone you more than likely are using an app that was created using React. Some of the major apps that use the React library include: Instagram ,Netflix, Codeacademy, Yahoo mail, New York Times, DropBox, AirBnB.

My Own Experience

For my capstone project at Flatiron School I used React for the front end. I personally found it extremely user friendly as there was such a wide variety of documentation. Also with the huge user base, there were multiple packages to use for any feature you could think of and I couldn't recommend it more.