JavaScript as the name implies is a scripting language. Scripting languages are used to create scripts which are just tasks that are interpreted when the code is run. So JavaScript will run each line of code and stop to report an error at the first sight of one. As opposed to programming languages that are compiled and all the errors are analyzed at once. Which leads to this next point, Java and JavaScript are completely different and not related in the slightest. The key reason being Java is a programming language, and if you want to see a list of all the differences go ahead and click here. The main purpose of JavaScript is to create dynamic content, essentially making the web page interactive for the user.


Simple and Popular- JavaScript syntax is very simple and easy to learn, which is part of the reason it is the most used language on Github.


Security- Because JavaScript is run on the client side, the code is viewable and any bugs can sometimes be used for malicious purposes.

Popular Frameworks and Libraries that use JS:

Vue, React, Angular, Bootstrap, Node.js, jQuery